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Photographer Spotlight :: John Ricard

Hey guys! Welcome to the first “Photographer Spotlight” post. This idea JUST came to me tonight as I was trying to figure out what to post about. So please bare with me. As time goes by I’m sure they will get much better.

Anyone who knows me knows that my favorite photographer is Mel D. Cole (Links: Online PortfolioPhoto Blog). I found Mel’s photo blog on pure accident and fell in love instantly. I would check it daily without fail. His images were so raw and full of emotion. I always felt like I was at the show! Heck…not too soon after I always was and still am! LOL Yet I still check his photo blog DAILY!

Since then I’ve met several “Hip Hop” photographers including Mel. This excites me to no end. I love to learn what makes other photogs tick. Why they do this? Why it excites them? I watch them as they shoot and interact with the crowds and the artists. I also spend a lot of my time online finding new music photographers to study and learn from…maybe even one day meet.

John Ricard (Photo Credit

John Ricard (Photo Credit

This post however isn’t about Mel. Nope.  As I perused the net yesterday I came across Hip Hop Photographer John Ricard (Online PortfolioBlog). Amazing. His shots are so sharp and capture the artist for who they are.  I love that.  He’s based out of NYC (so you know that makes me happy) and has been shooting hip hop shows and artists for about 10yrs.  Judging from his bio he seems pretty down to earth. Just a regular guy doing what he loves. Can’t be mad at that.

Take a look at his work and tell me what you think in the comments!